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Cyprus Mountaineering, Kyrenia

Walking, Rock Scrambling, Rock Climbing and Skiing

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Kornos Ridge > St. Hilarion Scrambling > Ascent of Besparmak > Besparmak Views >  
              St. Hilarion - elevation 725m (2379 ft)
         The 300m (1,000 ft) north face of the mountain has a superb steep scramble, which starts via the
         ascent of the firebreak seen at the bottom right of this photograph (a closer detail in the photo
         below). This is accessed from the track passing by the ruins of Ayia Marina at the foot of the Orange
         Route from Karaman (Karmi). Before the top of the firebreak, the path bears left through the
         middle ground, ascends diagonally up the rocky section, to emerge just above the vertical ravine
         (seen in shadow, middle left and in detail in photos below). The path continues up the 'hanging
         valley' and onto the foot of the castle, for which you must pay an entrance fee if you wish to 
         achieve the summit!
              Looking down the ravine
           Allegedly the inspiration for the castle in Walt Disney's 1937 film of "Snow White and the Seven
           Dwarfs", St. Hilarion takes on a fairy-tale and mystical air (or should that be mistical?). St. Hilarion 
           is a 13th-century Crusader Castle - for a comprehensive history see Hans Doeleman's excellent 
              The north face of St. Hilarion is a huge cliff for some serious rock climbing