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Cyprus Mountaineering, Kyrenia

Walking, Rock Scrambling, Rock Climbing and Skiing

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Hilarion N East College > St. Hilarion Circular > St. Hilarion > Baspinar N East College > Baspinar Ascent > Above Karmi > Buffavento > Nature > Various Views >  
            The St. Hilarion Circular tour from Karaman (Karmi), ascending to the central ridge road via the
            Orange Route and returning on the Blue Route.
            A very hazy view out over the Med to the Turkish coast, some 100km (60 miles) away. The 
            snow-capped Karacal peaks of the Toros (Taurus) Mountains - rising to 2339m (7674 ft) - are just 
            about visible!
            Looking up to St. Hilarion Castle from the south-west. The path leads up to the central ridge road
            which runs along the length of the Besparmak (Pendadhaktylos or Five Fingers) Range.
            Telephoto shot from the same position
            The walk's highest point at about 700m (2300 ft) - the beginning of the descent of the Blue Route
            Dropping down onto Karmi village