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Cyprus Mountaineering, Kyrenia

Walking, Rock Scrambling, Rock Climbing and Skiing

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          This article by Barry Hurst first appeared in the Cyprus Today newspaper 5th March 2005





          Last Sunday afternoon many of us were basking in the hot sunshine at the opening of Mohammed’s

          new Grove Inn, commenting on the gorgeous ‘summer’ weather. The very next morning, a group of

          18 from Kyrenia were enjoying below freezing temperatures at the ski resort of Troodos, little more  

          than an hour away into South Cyprus. The resort sits at 6,000 feet (twice the height of the Five

          Fingers Mountains) and every winter receives enough snow to enable quality skiing for several weeks.


          The coach trip to Troodos was arranged by Barry Hurst, who has operated Cyprus Mountaineering of

          Kyrenia for the last few years. Normally Barry arranges walking and rock scrambling tours in the

          Five Fingers Mountains, but decided to run the ski trip after his own visit to Troodos two weeks ago,

          when more than one metre of snow had been dumped on the resort, and conditions for skiing were



          Nurşen and Veli Doğan, proprietors of the Pegasos Restaurant in Karaoğlanoğlu, were the first to

          sign-up for the excursion, after listening to Barry’s enthusiasm for the trip amongst friends at the

          bar. For Nurşen it was her first time on skis, as well as for ten other members of the party. Barry

          arranged a beginner’s lesson with the ski school at Troodos, which enabled most people to venture

          off on their own for the day. Several people joined the trip as non-skiers, enjoying the fresh   

          mountain air and scenery. A group from the Efendi Restaurant, including proprietor Andy,

          thoroughly enjoyed their day out. Whilst Amy skied the challenging red run on the North Face,

          Andy accompanied Veli in front of the hot stove for a few Cyprus brandies!


          The Cyprus Ski Club operates the Troodos resort, which includes four ski lifts to service the ski runs.

          Authentic Austrian-made ‘piste basher’ tracked vehicles keep the pistes well groomed and prepared,

          and they even use several snow-making cannons to top up the main run. The Ski Club provides for

          the hire of skis, snowboards, boots and even warm jackets and gloves! There are three cafeterias

          and a restaurant available on the slopes, all with very reasonable prices.


          Officials at the Ski Club predict the resort will be open for skiing throughout March, so accordingly,

          Barry is organising further group trips, firstly for this Monday 7th March, and for later. You can join

          the group either as a skier (beginner or experienced), or as a non-skier and enjoy the atmosphere

          ‘in a different world’. After all the snow has gone, coach trips will continue to be organised for a  

           good day's excursion into the Troodos Mountains, together with a walking tour option.