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Cyprus Mountaineering, Kyrenia

Walking, Rock Scrambling, Rock Climbing and Skiing

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Besparmak Rock Climbing > Garga Suyu Climbing 2010 > Besparmak Climbing 2011 >  
          The ascent of the East Ridge End of Besparmak is only possible by a serious and long
          rock climb, 3 or 4 pitches, about 210m (700ft)
        Barry Hurst and friend attempted the East Ridge End, grade Severe 4a (210m - 700ft), starting
        just below the trees shown in the photo above. Some 30m (100 ft) higher, near to the bulge seen at
        the top of the photo, Barry dislodged a 40kg (90lb) block of rock when reaching up to a hold. The
        loose rock had to be held on to for several minutes whilst the other climber (second on the rope)
        removed himself from the direct line of fall. Further exploration at the time seemed foolhardy and
        the climb was abandoned!
            This impressive large cliff known as Styloid Process, lies just a few metres north-west of 
     Besparmak, reached by following the forestry track which goes through the saddle next to the
            start of the ascent of the West Ridge End.
            It appears to offer an excellent selection of climbing routes between 10m (30 ft) and 75m (250 ft)
       Just to the east of the large cliff lie some smaller rock outcrops. Cyprus Mountaineering opened a
       Log Book for new ascents, and with client Alan Evans, named this cliff 'Iwan's Crag'. The first climb
       on the crag was the buttress on the left of the photo, the second climb up the skyline route to the
       right. Alan is seen here completing the first free ascent of 'Easy Gully' in between the two climbs.
            Iwan's Crag
            1st Climb -  'Krishan' - 25m (80 ft) - Moderate - First Ascent: B. Hurst, A. Evans
                                Open route at left of crag; belay by large rock at ridge top.
            2nd Climb - 'Jool's and Sian's Conquest' - 25m (80 ft) - Difficult - First Ascent: B. Hurst, A.Evans
                                Right of 'Easy Gully'; the next obvious line to the ridge. Some loose blocks at the top.