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Cyprus Mountaineering, Kyrenia

Walking, Rock Scrambling, Rock Climbing and Skiing

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            Ascent of Besparmak (Pendadhaktylos or Five Fingers Mountain) - elevation 740m (2428 ft)






        The easiest ascent (of about 300m or 1000ft) is via a gully accessed from the saddle on the forestry

        track seen at the bottom left, which climbs up from near the Kyrenia Animal Rescue Centre. The

        ascent gully is in shadow and leads up to the West Ridge End at 560m (1850 ft). The Ridge then dips

        before a steady scramble to the First Finger, and then the summit is finally reached at the Third

        Finger after several hours of struggle. Ascent from the East Ridge on the right is a serious and long

        rock climb.






       The walk up through scrub terrain from the saddle to the West Ridge gully, which is the prominent

       'V' to the right, then a rock scramble up to the West Ridge End at 560m (1850 ft)






            Barry Hurst at the summit of the West Ridge End in February sunshine









            A short descent of the next gully before the route climbs a very hairy and exposed set of rock

            ledges back up onto the West Ridge. Move with great caution just here!









          The West Ridge continues on up to the First Finger, the knife-edged route placing you close to the

          220m (700 ft) drop down the cliffs to the right.









            Client Alan Evans approaching the summit of the First Finger






          After achieving the final summit Finger, it's best to retrace your steps to reach the larger open and

          less steep slopes of the North Side, where there is a multiple choice of routes for relatively easy

          descent through the trees to the forestry track which encircles Besparmak.






  The North Side from a distance, showing the easier descent slopes in the middle. The five 'fingers' can

  easily be counted, the First Finger on the right, with the West Ridge End and the ascent gully start at

  the lower right.






            The huge 220m (700 ft) cliffs of the South Face






      This panorama of Besparmak, from the West Ridge End on the left, to a point below the First Finger

      on the right, just doesn't do justice to the massive scale of the cliffs.